Reasons to Request a Credit with Your PayPal Account

01 Mar Reasons to request a credit with your PayPal account

At Konfío, we have joined forces with PayPal México to boost the growth of small and medium-sized companies. With this alliance, all SMEs that have a business account in PayPal can access a loan for working capital.

This alliance is PayPal’s first in Latin America, with an online credit platform like Konfío. With this union, we will be able to support a greater number of independent entrepreneurs and business owners who still do not have access to business credit.

Discover the benefits your business can obtain with this alliance.

How you can request a credit with your PayPal account

How you can request a credit with your PayPal account

1. Enter Emma Bovary / alliances / paypal
2. Connect to your PayPal business account (click on the PayPal page and you will be redirected to the Konfío page)
3. Verify that your data is correct
4. Complete the information and send the request
5. Get an answer in minutes

Benefits of connecting with your PayPal account

Without complicated procedures

By connecting to your business PayPal account, completing your application will be more agile. When you connect to Konfío, you enter a pre-filled credit application which allows you to complete it in minutes. Avoid losing 2 months when applying for credit with traditional banking!

In this video we explain the process in a simpler way.

No guarantee or guarantee

No guarantee or guarantee

In Konfío you do not need a guarantee or guarantee to have access to a formal loan for your business. Your history with PayPal supports you. We trust you!

Quick approval

Once your application is completed, we will tell you in minutes if your credit is approved. The information of your credit bureau and the invoicing of your business, allows us to give you a faster response.

Credit in 48 hours *

Credit in 48 hours *

Once your credit is approved and you signed the contract, you can receive the money in a maximum of 48 hours. This way you can invest the money at the right moment when your business needs it.

These are some reasons why you want to get a Konfío credit and connect your PayPal account. Visit our page and discover more reasons. It’s time to strengthen your business with a credit!