Angela Gheorghiu calls Cristian Macelaru and the Bucharest National Opera

Following Facebook comments in which soprano Angela Gheorghiu called conductor Cristian Macelaru a ‘coward’ for his July 14 performance, the soprano denounces the conductor’s disappearance while negotiating a performance on the gig.

Gheorghiu took to social media and wrote: “Dear ones, Although I don’t want to return to this subject, I am forced to write a clear message, after very strong reactions appeared in the Romanian media – the most expressed out of ignorance My reaction to conductor Cristian Macelaru comes after I was cheated or, in Romanian, lied to by him – the second Romanian who behaved in this inexplicable and unclassifiable way over the past 12 months.

She added: “I have been invited since last year, in October 2021, by Didier de Cottignies (my lifelong friend, whom I have known since I signed the contract with Decca, at the start of my career), to participate in the concert every year on July 14 from Paris, France’s national day. Didier is the one who appointed Cristian Măcelaru as artistic director of the Orchester National de France, and my invitation to the concert came after Didier spoke with Cristian Măcelaru My contracts are made in advance, through the management agency, I do not deal with the contract details directly with the promoter, nor could I more because I don’t have time and I have a team that knows exactly what to do. However, Cristian Măcelaru being Romanian, I said that I could speak directly with him about the repertoire, it seemed to me a normal collegiate gesture vis -to one of my compatriots, whom I met while attending t in front of my cabins, at the end of the show, mainly in America. So we had a few phone calls and texts, between November 2021 and April 2022… Then, as I said, Cristian Măcelaru inexplicably disappeared! Even more, I learned from my agency, with difficulty, through a secretary of the Orchestra, that I will no longer participate in this concert. Without reason. From a secretary.

The soprano also added that it was not the first time that a Romanian had reacted in the same way. The soprano then called the National Opera in Bucharest, where she never performed a single opera.

Gheorghiu said: “Last year the same thing happened at the National Opera in Bucharest, and not only for me, although only I had the courage to speak, unlike other colleagues in similar situations, who stutter or remain silent. Anyway, I was invited last year, in June 2021 (and only after a message went viral on Facebook), to sing in an extraordinary concert, around New Year’s, on the occasion of the ONB’s centennial anniversary. All details of the contract were settled by my management and on July 14, 2021 a gala concert was confirmed by both parties for December 31, 2021. My managers waited for the contract for months, asked, wrote… but ONB completely disappeared and didn’t even respond (as Cristian Măcelaru would in a few months). The protagonist of this episode was Daniel Jinga, appointed, in the meantime, general manager at the ONB, following a competition with a single candidate. Things are very clear. The above fits into a pattern of behavior that, over time, too many compatriots have exhibited towards me. And which I could and can do without.

Gheorghiu also pointed out that she was never helped by the Romanian government and built her career on her own by helping other Romanian artists. She said: “As for my preference for some Romanian musicians, musicians with real careers, others over those who are excessively ‘promoted’ in Romania – this comes after decades of presence all over the world, in all major concert halls and opera houses. , in all the cultural capitals, and met and befriended my fellow musicians, be they singers or great conductors… and where I learned – from the objective and authoritative point of view of genuine music legends and in open and honest conversations, without propaganda or petty interests – who really had important careers and who didn’t. Of course, everyone is free to listen to whoever they want, to love whoever they want, but it’s a shame that in Romania we don’t talk more about other Romanian musicians, composers, opera singers, whose compositions or careers are far more important to UNIVERSAL music history.

“Radu Lupu, a true piano legend, deserved a day of national mourning when he passed away recently… a genius musician, almost totally ignored in his native country, Romania… Clara Haskil, Dinu Lipatti, Virginia Zeani, Maria Cebotari, Ileana Cotrubaș, Viorica Cortez, Ionel Perlea, Sergiu Celibidache, Gheorghe Zamfir, Paul Constantinescu, Pascal Bentoiu, Nicolae Bretan, Vladimir Cosma… the list is not short. I owe nothing to Romania, I have never been supported by this state or its institutions in my career, on the contrary, I have supported Romanian musicians and colleagues, inviting them to my concerts and shows, important fees, throughout my career. Among them, I will mention the conductors Ion Marin, Tiberiu Soare, Ciprian Teodorașcu, the tenors Teodor Ilincai, Stefan Pop, Bogdan Mihai Ionut, Marius Brenciu, Marius Manea, Calin Bratescu, Vlad Mirita, Marius Budoiu… the soprano Iulia Isaev and baritone George Petean, pianists Alexandru Petrovici, Alexandra Dariescu and Dan Grigore,” she said.

She concluded that she had the privilege of working with the orchestra she wanted and added that she always kept Romanian music in her concerts and in her life because that is where it comes from. .

“I even invited the “George Enescu” Philharmonic from Bucharest to my concert in Oman, Muscat and to my concert in Luxembourg (on the occasion of Romania’s accession to the European Union)… although the Philharmonie never invited me… I invited the Madrigal Choir and Marin Constantin for the recording of the disc with the sacred (religious) music Mysterium, in London, on which we also recorded the Romanian Orthodox music orchestrated especially for this recording On my initiative, the BBC came to Romania and made a documentary with this music, in the monasteries of Moldavia.I didn’t have to invite them, I could invite whoever I wanted, as I can do now. In Romania, in 32 years, I had 4 or 5 concerts with honorarium and 8-10 concerts or appearances in charity concerts, no opera performances except for the license exam of the University of Music of Bucharest, which took place in Cluj in 1990… I never ended up signing a contract with ONB or another cultural institution in Romania.

“I have devoted my whole life to music and in particular to Romanian music, which I sing in all my concerts, my nationality is Romanian, my origin of Adjud is known all over the world and I mention it in all the presentations and biographies that are asked of me. In fact, I owe no explanation to anyone, on the contrary, many owe me, but I thought that at least once things should be clearly stated. I wish you all more understanding and a more authentic patriotism that goes beyond the stage of facebook comments. Nationalist, extreme, anti-feminist condemnations, outrageous remarks, without a minimum of information and respect, do not take place in 2022 and never” , concluded Gheorghiu.

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