Ankara Cultural Route Festival Brings Thousands of Artists Together

The Başkent Culture Road Festival, which will last until June 12, brings together 5,971 artists and offers 560 activities at more than 70 points in the capital, ushering in a new kind of vitality in Ankara – a city with a deep-rooted history and rich heritage. cultural.

“The goal of the Başkent Cultural Route Festival is to remind Ankara residents of the capital’s oldest historical sites and layers, and to increase the number of people visiting Ankara from other provinces of Turkey” , said Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism, Özgül Özkan Yavuz. says Daily Sabah.

“Ankara is an important province in terms of cultural heritage, but unfortunately the city’s historic quarter, the castle at its heart and its precious museums are not visited enough,” she continued, adding that the ministry is aiming to bring people together through history. website and art.

Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Özgül Özkan Yavuz at the new CSO facilities in Ankara, Turkey, May 26, 2022. (DHA Photo)

“Bringing together cultural heritage and art always gives good results.

The cultural route in the capital is 4.7 kilometers (2.9 miles) long, starting at Ankara Castle and ending at the Presidential Symphony Orchestra (CSO). Yavuz explained that the route, which begins at Ulucanlar Castle and Prison Museum, takes you to the historic district of Hamamönü, the Hacı Bayram Veli Mosque, the Roman Baths, and then Republican-era structures between the Opera and Ulus District, which includes the State Theatres, Ziraat Bank Museum, İşbank Museum, Yunus Emre Institute and Ballet, continuing with the Museum of Art and Sculpture in Ulus ‘Ankara, the Ethnography Museum and ending at the new CSO building. CSO Ada Ankara is a futuristic building fit for the 21st century and among the top 10 acoustic halls.

Yavuz says the 4.7 kilometer cultural route is walkable, encouraging the public to take part in the 560 activities along the route and admire the work of thousands of artists.

A view of the exterior of the Presidential Symphony <a class=Orchestra Concert
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A view of the exterior of the Presidential Symphony Orchestra Concert Hall in Ankara.

Squares turn into stages

“This year, with the Başkent Culture Route Festival, we are organizing artistic activities in the ancient Roman baths for the first time,” said Yavuz, who added, “We will bring the Konya Sufism Music Society to our Mevlevi lodge, which is not well known to Ankara people as Sema demonstrations are not done regularly – they will be done throughout the festival here.

With programs, workshops and activities for everyone from children to older generations, the festival brings many firsts to the capital. Expect to find digital installations, panels, conversations, contests, outdoor activities, photo exhibits, theatrical performances, walking tours of religious and Republican-era buildings and more Again. Among the highlights, a conversation with one of Turkey’s most respected historians, Ilber Ortaylı, a demonstration on June 11 by the French group of flying painters Les Passagers who will use large buildings as canvases, an exhibition of the inventions of the physicist of 12th century, mathematician, mechanical engineer and artist Ismail al-Cezeri at CerModern, the Flora digital art exhibition featuring the works of world renowned digital artists Anna Ridler, Mat Collishaw and Sabrina Ratte as well as a march of the Seğmen regiment which has seen hundreds of traditional Ankara protectors take to the streets.

Seğmen protectors stand in formation in Ankara, Turkey, May 29, 2022. (AA Photo)
Seğmen protectors stand in formation in Ankara, Turkey, May 29, 2022. (AA Photo)

Foreign artists will also be honored during the festival. Spanish singer Buika, who is known as one of the best singers in the world, world famous Bosnian artist Dino Merlin and the golden voice of Africa Salif Keita are among the participants who will perform for listeners at the CSO Ada Ankara Main Hall.

“I believe that these names, which reflect different kinds of world music, will be followed by the people of Ankara with great interest and will successfully reflect the international vision of our festival,” Yavuz added.

On June 8, CSO Ada Ankara will host a very special classical music concert. Soprano Anna Prohaska will sing compositions by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven and Franz Joseph Haydn with the Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin under the direction of sought-after conductor Giovanni Antonini.

Yavuz pointed out that next year, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the republic, the Başkent Cultural Route Festival will be held on an even larger scale, adding that this year’s festival in Ankara will be followed by the from Diyarbakır Sur from October 1 to 16 before the festivities begin in Izmir in May.

Yavuz pointed out that last year, the Beyoğlu Culture Route Festival hosted 56 foreign press members from 29 countries with the collaboration of the Turkish Tourism Promotion and Development Agency (TGA), highlighting the success of the program.

“The Beyoğlu Culture Road Festival has received great attention from the foreign press and the art world. Some 381 activities at 78 different locations were held with a visitor number of 7.8 million as part of the Beyoğlu Cultural Festival.

“This year again, under the leadership of the TGA, 60 foreign press members from 30 countries will be welcomed to our country within the framework of the Beyoğlu and Başkent cultural route festivals,” Yavuz added.

Post-pandemic interest

Commenting on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on arts and cultural activities, the Deputy Minister said: “Culture and the arts have unfortunately been among the sectors most affected by the pandemic. But despite everything, art has a unifying and healing effect. There is a great interest in artistic activities, especially following the pandemic. We believe that the interest will also be great for the Başkent Cultural Route Festival.

She stressed that visitors were expected not only from Ankara but also from surrounding provinces. The number of expected visitors is 2.5 million, according to the ministry.

“The successful organization of the festival with the participation of millions of people is important for the development of Ankara. Because, as you know, culture and art are now industries that play a very important role in the development The people of Ankara should see Başkent Festival cultural route as a lever that can contribute to the social development and development of the city,” she said in conclusion.

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