Beginning musicians display the passion, creativity of youth


Musicians born after 2000 kicked off the Project Spring Bird music season at Blackstone Music Plus opposite the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra last weekend, showcasing the passion and creativity of Gen Z.

Dozens of concerts by young musicians will follow until next May.

The opening concert featured pianist Wang Yalun, 17, and the Neoclassical Chamber Orchestra, under the direction of the orchestra’s founding conductor, Jin Yukuang, 21.

Ti Gong

A concert staged by young musicians kicked off the Project Spring Bird music season.

Jin and the chamber orchestra were among the biggest surprises of the Music in the Summer Air festival in July. Each of the pieces in their repertoire was framed “Chinese premiere”. The director of the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, Zhou Ping, and the audience were amazed by the extent of the talent of the young performers.

During the Project Spring Bird music season, Jin will stage more Chinese premieres and also perform pieces by young Chinese composers.

The chamber orchestra and musicians are the products of a nurturing program aimed at developing the skills and artistic creativity of young talent. He is strongly supported by Yu Long, music director of the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra.

“For young musicians, growth not only takes time, but also a starting point for bigger stages,” Yu said. “We want to help them break through barriers and explore their artistic passion.”

Young musicians at the start of their careers usually come out of well-known competitions, but Yu said he wanted to see the opportunities become wider.

“We insist on giving them as much freedom and support as possible, so that they are not distracted by business concerns or other practicalities early in their careers,” he explained.

“All they need to do in this project is grow artistically and explore their creative potential and ideas,” he added.

Young musicians are also involved in the organization of the musical season, including the repertoire, dates and even ticketing.

“If a voice says to us, ‘Do whatever you want, and we will support you all the way,’ imagine what kind of potential could emerge?” wrote conductor Jin. “The future is ours, and it can be ours now!”

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