Björk announces new dates for his live orchestral performances


Björk announces new dates for his live orchestral performances

Björk has announced new dates for its Orkestral Live Streamed broadcasts after delays due to the coronavirus. In the Orkestral series, Björk performs with different collaborators on each of the four dates, including members of the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra, the Flute Septet Viibra and the Hamrahlíð Choir.

The concerts, performed at Harpa Hall in Reykjavik to a live audience and broadcast live to fans around the world, were scheduled to take place for the first time in August 2020, but have been repeatedly delayed due to the ongoing pandemic. Iceland has been extremely cautious during the pandemic and has just opened up a capacity for live performances, which was the go-ahead needed to move the show forward. This was because the show had to be presented to a live audience, which was not allowed with previous COVID restrictions.

The shows are presented for the benefit of Kvennaathvarfid, a charity that supports women and immigrants from different backgrounds in Iceland. In the initial statement about Björk, it says: “We are called upon to finally face all racism, to learn that life is more important than profit, and to look inside and eliminate all our prejudices and hidden privileges. Live broadcast tickets can be found here. The performances will feature elements of the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra on several dates. Björk also told his audience that the shows will be completely disconnected, meaning they will be “… played without rhythm or electronics.”

Show dates:

October 11- With the strings of the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra, conductor Victor Orri Árnason and harpist Katie Buckley

October 24 With the Choir Hamrahlið, the conductor Þorgerður Ingólfsdóttir and the organist Bergur Þórisson

October 31 – With the brass of the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra, the flute septet Viibra, the harpist Katie Buckley and the pianist Jónas Sen (formerly September 12)

November 15 – With 15 strings of chamber ensemble of the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra


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