‘Buick City 1AM’ podcast opera travels back in time to stop a murder

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October 25 is World Opera Day, so we’re listening to the soap opera podcast opera “Buick City 1AM”, a murder mystery. The songs and script for the podcast were written by Jason Cady, following a woman traveling through time to stop her father’s murder and the tragedies of his family. “Buick City 1AM” is a rich sound experience, filled with fictional crime and story-driven storytelling.

On the night of Ronald Reagan’s election in 1984, Flint, Michigan resident and auto worker Wayne Collins was murdered in one of Buick City’s parking lots. Before Wayne was killed, he was fired and opened a shop that sold books, guns, and records. Her killer was never found and her family was saddened. After his death, Wayne’s son, Skip, committed suicide and his daughter, Elena, wondered if different circumstances could have saved both her father and brother.

Elena seizes the opportunity to travel back in time from 2018 to 1984 to track down and arrest the murderer. She arrived in 1984 several months before the crime, went undercover, and bonded with her family members. Can Elena save her family and change their future? Why was Wayne targeted and who killed him?

Start all 4 bingeable episodes from the beginning with each of them under 26 minutes each. The bonus episodes are covers of the 9 musical numbers.

“Buick City 1AM” deals with themes such as greed, social policy, growth, and more. In the 3rd episode, Elena interviewed Wayne for The voice of flint, and Tammy believed Wayne was having an affair with her sister, Joy. Gordon got a gun, Tammy and Elena talked about Ferraro’s election possibilities in a target shooting session, and a man arrived at .45 and Dime, looking for Bud. Wayne was threatened.

In the last episode, Elena and Skip were on duty and Wayne thought Bud stole money from their shop. Elena and Tammy went shopping at Genesee Valley Mall and Gordon accused Joy of having an affair. Elena hides in Wayne’s car on election night to catch the killer.

We recommend “Buick City 1AM” for podcast fans musical comedies like “Anthem: Homunculus” or “Fall of the House of Sunshine”.

“Buick City 1AM” now plays wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to “Buick City 1am”

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