Camel City Jazz Orchestra presents two “Holiday Swing & Salsa” concerts | Music

With the four guest artists, the Camel City Jazz Orchestra will be an orchestra of 20 musicians.

For “Holiday Swing & Salsa” guest singers Laura Gonzqui and Tyrone Marquez and father-son Latin percussion duo of Walter Romero Sr. and Walter Romero Jr., will perform pieces from legends such as Hector Lavoe and Oscar De Leon. The lyrics feature holiday traditions and cultural references that will be shared and explained by the guest artists.

Latin songs include “Cantares de Navidad”, arranged by Oscar De Leon, and “Aires de Navidad” and “Joven contra Viejo” by Hector Lavoe.

Marquez said that “Cantares de Navidad”, a prayer to God for the health of all families, as well as happiness and peace in the world, is considered an obligatory song to celebrate Christmas.

“The lyrics also remind us that while everyone has struggled during the year, Christmas is a time to celebrate and forget about all of those obstacles,” Marquez said.

She said that “Aires de Navidad” tells the story of all the happy holidays.

“Everyone is singing to celebrate the birth of Jesus and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,” she said.

And “Joven contra Viejo” is a conversation between the new year (as a young man) and the year that is about to end (as an old man).

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