Canadian Opera Company will present “The Queen in Me”

“The Queen In Me” is set to explore the many ways in which race, gender and sexuality are represented, and often controlled, in the opera industry.

The new Canadian Opera Company, Amplified Opera, Nightwood Theater and Theater Gargantua co-production was created by and features interdisciplinary artist Teiya Kasahara 笠原貞野.

The production will be presented as a major cultural event as part of Toronto Pride 2022 and will be presented on June 2, 3 and 4, 2022 at the Canadian Opera Company Theater.

The new work is framed through the lens of the iconic Queen of the Night from “The Magic Flute”. By thinking about what else this character could be if he were only freed from expectations and stereotypes, the show reclaims space for the multitudes of women, trans and non-binary excluded from the scene, and dares to imagine new narrative possibilities for the art form.

Teiya Kasahara is a queer, non-binary trans, multi and interdisciplinary creator-performer based in Tkarón:to (Toronto). In a statement, they said, “I was always taught to deepen every character I played, to bring so much dimensionality to those characters on stage. But it always felt like, despite her power, the Queen of the Night had so little room to grow. So I started dreaming: who is this character and what could she say offstage? The Queen in Me is a place where the Queen can finally speak for the first time – and speak not just for herself, but for characters in the canon and various artists in this industry who may also feel different.

The co-directors of this production are Andrea Donaldson and Aria Umezawa. Donaldson.

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