Catching up with Loren Lott

Soap Opera Digest: How would you sum up your time on Y&R?

Loren Lot: Lifestyle change. It was a great introduction to becoming a series regular and a great transition from Broadway. Three weeks after moving to Los Angeles I booked YOUNG AND RESTLESS and it was just fate. I absolutely fell in love with Bryton [James, Devon], who played my brother. It was a dream to work with him and form a friendship that has lasted since the show. We still hang out together, he’s still my big brother and he still guides me so much in this industry.

Digest: Ana was doing well at first, but then she was strangely diverted from her own singing career to promote Fen. Did you feel that was the wrong direction for your character?

Batch : Yeah, looking back, I wish there were so many other things they tried, including giving me a love interest, because that means soap opera longevity. And I was even reading people tweeting, “How come she doesn’t have someone to love yet?” So that’s when I was like, ‘Oh, maybe I won’t last.’ They just didn’t recognize that I could be a romantic lead. Still, I had a great time on the show. I was grateful for everything I learned.

Digest: And it wasn’t for lack of popularity because fans really liked Ana.

Batch : I know the soap opera’s audience is tough and very picky, so I’m very glad I made an impression on them. And I always watch YouTube videos where people refer to me and say how they want me back on the show and that just lets me know that I did my job, so I’m grateful. I gained a loyal and solid fan base of soap opera lovers who have followed me in everything I have done since.

Digest: Would you like to try the soaps again one day?

Batch : I want to do more movies, but I would like to come back to Y&R from time to time. I loved it when Shemar Moore [ex-Malcolm] came for Neil’s memorial episode and I was honored to be on set with Shemar that day. I would love for Ana to visit Devon and then leave so I can do my films and then come back.

Digest: Are you still recognized as Ana?

Batch : I actually get more recognition from TikTok and Instagram, and I have so much on YouTube from Broadway, so social media is really where I get so much YOUNG AND RESTLESS stuff. It’s not like before when people said “Ana!” Now they say, “Do I know you anywhere? Are you going to my church?

Digest: You are in a new series called THE PORTER. Can you tell us what it is and who you play with?

Batch : THE PORTER follows two train porters in the 1920s, Zeke and Junior, as they go through life, but also when they find themselves in some kind of conflict over what they consider justice. One follows the gangster route and the other follows the civil rights route. We follow them with the people they interact with, including myself as Lucy, a showgirl. There is also Junior’s wife, Marlene, a Black Cross nurse and a gangster whom Junior meets. It’s a crazy race.

Digest: How did you enjoy working on this project?

Batch : We shot this during quarantine and before I even did a screen test they said, ‘If you book this part, you’re going to be shipped to Winnipeg, Canada, which is a small town, and you don’t won’t be able to come home for four months. At the time, my grandmother was sick and I often see my mother. Besides, I’m quite sociable and hang out with my friends all the time. When I booked it I freaked out and the rules started changing so while I was there I was able to go home while filming. For me, making this film was a wild ride. We were quite isolated so we became extremely close and I’m very grateful. This cast was funny and so fun and so loving because I would have been really lonely without them.

Digest: What can you tell us about your other project, RENEGADES: OMINARA?

Batch : I play the younger version of Nichelle Nichols [ex-Lucinda, Y&R] character of star trek. Ominara is somehow based on the character of Uhura. When I went to this audition, they were so specific about what they were looking for. I was like, ‘There’s no way I’m getting this. I go there for fun. I even wore a corset to my audition to look super skinny because I knew I wouldn’t get that role and was having fun with it. And when I was offered the role, I was like, “Dang it! Now I have to train and get in super shape!” So I really did my best to describe Nichelle Nichols’ look because she’s gorgeous and super iconic for the star trek world. So I felt all that pressure and I was like, ‘Please let me do him justice.’ I still hope it gets picked up because I know they bought it and I felt like a superhero in my own right in that role.

Digest: What can you share about your personal life since leaving Y&R?

Batch : I am definitely single. I just had a terrible heartbreak and never had my heart broken before so this shocked my soul. Maybe I shouldn’t date artists anymore. They’ve all been actors and singers, whatever, but I’ve never dated an athlete. Maybe I’ll try. I would like a God fearing man who is successful, so they are not intimidated by anything I do, and who has a great sense of humor and likes to have fun, because that is me. Everything’s better than my last relationship, okay? And I move around a lot, so you gotta know how to do the long distance with me.

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