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BENGALURU: Your mobile loan apps may offer you quick cash, but default once and the ugly side of the system looms large. Loan collectors have fallen to such a level that they send messages in unparliamentary language about the person to their contacts, both personal and professional, and shame them.

Being called a “rapist” in messages sent to all of the borrower’s contacts is just one of the softer pejorative terms used. Co-founder of carpooling app, Quickride, said Vishal Lavti The new Indian Express of the nightmare that one of his employees had experienced after obtaining such quick loans.

“Rude messages have been sent to many co-workers as well as all his personal contacts. He has taken out loans from many here to try to end the harassment but it does not recover. I plan to file a complaint to the Cybercrime Unit,” he said.

Lavti added that the worst part is that they also got his roommate’s number and are also bombarding him with calls and messages. The employee, completely traumatized, said when applying for the loan that he insisted that the applicant part with the contact numbers on the mobile, in addition to other identity documents before the approval of the loan.

“I took these weekly repayable loans for more than a year. This is the first time that I could not pay on time and I was harassed like that. It was for a loan that I used March 17,” he explained. .

It is shocking that he is being harassed for borrowing a sum of Rs 32,000, from different lenders through apps. “I have already repaid Rs 70,000 for the sum I borrowed, but I am still tortured for this. It is because part of the initial sum remains and the harassment continues,” he said. -he declares.

Stating the details on how the extortion happens, he said for a sum of Rs 7,000 borrowed for a week, it has to be paid in full in seven days. “If one is unable to do so, then you have to pay Rs 3,000 and that will give you a one week extension to pay the same Rs 7,000 again. This is how your loan s ‘hoard,’ he added.

Rupee Loan, Cash Box, Many Cash, Luck Rupee and Sun Cash are the concerns he borrowed, the borrower added. “It’s not just me who’s stuck like this, but many others, including two of my friends, are also on the victim’s side,” he says.

DL Nagesh, SP, CID (Crime), said The new Indian Express“It is important that the public does not share contact details with strangers. We have tried many times to educate them about this, but many people experience such harassment.”

Cybercrime, economic crime and narcotics (CEN) police stations are attached to each of the eight DCP offices across the city. “Those who are victims of such crimes should file a complaint with one of the CEN stations so that we can help them,” he said.

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