Full Cast for Choices: A Rock Opera, featuring MiG Ayesa

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Full cast for Choice: a rock operaWith MiG Ayesa

Composed, written and directed by John Krupa, the rock opera will play two performances next month in Chappaqua.

MiG Ayésa

MiG Ayésa (Burn the ground, Rock of Ages) will direct the casting of Choice: A rock opera, a new musical about a driven but naïve lead singer of a 1980s rock band, November 11-12 at the Chappaqua Performing Arts Center in Chappaqua, New York.

John Krupa, who wrote the music and lyrics, will also direct and perform with Ayesa, joined by Nick Celio, Layla DaVias, Ronnie DiMaria, Annemarie Josephson, Christina Labrador, Joe Leo and Dave O’Briskie, along with Holly Block, Lielle Burk , Elana Cantor, Elle Randall, Moriah Ritchie, Katie Weinstein and Mia Williams.

Choice: a rock opera has orchestrations by Artie Dillon, Mike Rosenman, Tommy Vinton and Grammy-winning producer William “Bill” Wittman, who are also members of the band, completed by Hank DeCora, Jonathan Flaks and Felix Guiffra.

Choices follows the singer’s journey through obstacles, dilemmas and moral ambiguities. A mysterious man promises stardom, while friends, fans and a captivating wife show him a wide world beyond his passion.

The creative team also includes music director Mike Rosenman, choreographer Holly Block, lighting designer Zachary Duly, stage manager and assistant director Dani Masterson, sound designer Chris Grajewski, costume designer Dawn Levy, hairstylist Karen Catalano, assistant stage manager and props manager Peggy Ringwood, and sound engineer Jessica Klee.

Krupa executive produces with executive producer Dawn Levy; producers Chris Grajewski; Layla Da Vias; Tommy Vinton; and Choices, A Rock Opera, LLC; and associate producer Rosenman.

Choice: a rock opera premiered as a studio production in April 2022.

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