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More than 900 students from public and private schools in Henry County recently had the chance to expand their musical interests in classical fashion.

Henry for Music, Inc. recently welcomed clarinetist Igor Begelman and pianist George Lopez – both from the Piatigorsky Foundation – and Youth Orchestra United cellist, mentor/teacher, Brittni Leigh. The Henry County Schools Fine Arts Department coordinated the productions, held at the McDonough and Stockbridge Performing Arts Centers.

Jerry Hesselink, founder and president of Henry for Music, said his group is working to expose more young people to classical music in the years to come.

“Our goal is to introduce classical music to children in schools because Henry County Public Schools will put orchestras in seven more colleges next year,” he said. “The year after, they will put six orchestras in local high schools. Schools will have to recruit these students from the lists they have at that time.

Students from public and private schools were recently able to hear a classical music performance by members of the Piatigorsky Foundation and the Youth Orchestra United. special picture

Henry for Music began presenting the annual concerts in 2016. Following the presentations on April 19 and 20, students participated in a Q&A session with the artists. A majority of students indicated that they were interested in playing an instrument, currently playing one, or interested in participating in an after-school music program.

Hesselink said Henry for Music is actively seeking local students interested in playing classical instruments, including the violin. He hopes his organization can identify instructors who can also teach them how to play.

“We have 70 violins that are not currently being played, so we are looking for students who want to learn to play the violin as part of the after-school program,” he said. “We provide the teacher and the elements to learn to play.”

The Piatigorsky Foundation is dedicated to making classical music available live to communities nationwide. Since 1990, the foundation has presented more than 3,775 live classical music performances in communities across the country. Performances typically take place in non-traditional venues, presenting music in a communicative format unique to each audience.

The Foundation’s musicians are chosen for their artistic talent and their ability to engage the public. The artists share anecdotes and ideas about the works they perform. Venues for hour-long concerts include retirement communities, schools, churches, synagogues, hospitals, workplaces, libraries and community centers.

The foundation strives to make classical music accessible to a diverse population by bringing musicians into a familiar, intimate environment and creating a lively concert format, Henry for Music, Inc. is working on the upcoming Georgia tour with artists of the foundation, with plans to add an evening venue for the public.

To receive an announcement to attend the event or for more information, visit www.HenryforMusic.org.
Hesselink said the organization’s website also has information on how to acquire or donate an instrument.

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