Juneau Symphony’s ‘Oscar Night’ featured the best of the best

Troy Quinn greets the audience. (Photos by Jasz Garrett/KINY)

Juneau, Alaska (KINY) – Led by Troy Quinn, Juneau Symphony’s “Night at the Oscars” opening night was Saturday, June 11 at 8 p.m. and they also had a 3 p.m. performance on Sunday, June 12 .

Both screenings took place at Juneau-Douglas High School.

The Juneau Symphony’s ‘Oscar Night’ featured 14 different famous movie tracks, as well as a tribute to film composer John Williams.

Former symphony orchestra music director Troy Quinn flew to Juneau from Los Angeles for the show as guest conductor.

Above and below: Quinn conducts the Juneau Symphony Orchestra. He is known for his expressive and sensitive driving.

He has been a conductor for 10 years now professionally and works in the studios of Los Angeles.

Quinn was a conductor in Juneau for three years and was thrilled to be back.

He also has three other orchestras he conducts across the country; Kentucky, Rhode Island and Florida.

Quinn has performed and recorded with some of the most popular artists of our time including The Rolling Stones, Barry Manilow, Lee Greenwood, Josh Groban, Jennifer Hudson and Jackie Evancho.

He is also known to be an impressive singer.

65 musicians played in Juneau’s “Night at the Oscars”.

Some of the musicians had also performed in the original film tracks, such as “Star Wars” and “Out of Africa”.

“Because the orchestration is so huge, we had to bring in a lot of other people to play guitar, mandolin and accordion, and all kinds of unique instruments. But it’s just music fun for everyone, for the family and for all audiences. We did a performance last night, it was very popular, a huge success. And I’m happy to be back in Juneau. I’ve been here for three years as Music Director, so I’m thrilled to be back. It’s like a homecoming for me to be the guest to conduct this last gig,” Quinn said.

Quinn said the lineup is award-winning and spans a number of versatile genres and instruments.

“The early 80s, playing with John Barry on ‘Out of Africa’ and working with these amazing songwriters Jerry Goldsmith, who did ‘Star Trek’ and a lot of people played on ‘How To Train Your Dragon’. I did a John Powell movie called ‘The Call of the Wild’, not the dragon one, but he’s a great composer. Many of us have had the privilege of working with John Williams, of course, one of the greatest living film composers. So yeah, we get direct experience from a lot of these people, which is great. We’re lucky I have a relationship with some of these composers, so they gave us their original film music like Bill Conti gave us the original “Rocky” in 1976. Everything from strings, horns, percussion, guitars, jazz, accordions, mandolins, harmonicas, it’s a very collective program.”

When asked what her favorite track was, Quinn replied that it was quite difficult to choose.

“I love them all actually. Really. I mean I’m a huge John Williams fan of course. But I love the play ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ and probably my favorite track is ‘Rocky’ because it it’s just fun,” Quinn said.

Charlotte Truitt, the executive director of Juneau Symphony, said this when asked how it felt to be able to perform in front of a full audience again.

“Music is a two-way experience. Without the audience there is no symphony, without the symphony there is nothing for the audience. It’s a wonderful relationship and a live performance is something something you can’t replicate,” Truitt said. “Very emotional and powerful. Wonderful music nourishes our soul. This concert is really great because it’s a cinematic experience, and it takes me back to my life when I first saw these films. Like Alladin , with ‘A Whole New World’ reminds me of when my kids would watch it over and over again.

Truitt also spoke about what’s to come for the symphony.

“I will be announcing our season for next year as our 60th anniversary season. And that will be out in July. Check our website, jeausymphony.org. for more ticket information for next season. We are preparing for our summer activities will include a wildlife cruise in august and a summer strings camp in august for the kids the first week of august at eagle crest and this is our summer strings camp registration is open for this now And we already have 35 children. “There will be a little space, not a lot. So if people want to come in, they have to come in right now,” Truitt said of the summer activities.

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