LA Opera’s next digital short, THE ZOLLE SUITE by Du Yun to premiere online July 9


Throughout the 2020/21 season, LA Opera’s digital short film series featured a surprisingly diverse range of cinematic achievements, from the hyper-theatricality of The Five Moons of Lorca to the thriller of West is a Land. endless beginnings, from Death’s alternate gravity documentary to the lavish visuals of Brown Sounds. (All of these can be viewed at

The eighth digital short in the series, The Zolle Suite by Du Yun, which premieres online on July 9, turns to a completely different cinematic language: experimental animation.

Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Du Yun’s new short film features three chapters from her 2005 opera Zolle, produced by Ron Diamond of Acme Filmworks, on digital screen. Alternately abstract, compelling, resigned, even heartbreaking, three movements from the opera are brought to life by an international trio of animation directors – Steven Woloshen, Benjamin Swiczinsky and Kristian Pedersen – each creating their own unique visual interpretation of the gripping musical world. by Du Yun. .

Diamond’s advice to viewers? Let your mind wander and prepare to be blown away. “Experimental animation is about going with the flow, not trying to make sense of every frame you see, but rather being free to take a handcrafted journey of music and visuals. The harmony of artful animation for each movement is a beautiful testimony of form. Let the textures, colors and images overwhelm you; each interpretation is unique for each viewer. “

Musical strengths heard in The Zolle Suite include mezzo-soprano Hai-Ting Chinn and the International Contemporary Ensemble, conducted by Julian Wachner.

Du Yun and Zolle

Born and raised in Shanghai, China, and currently based in New York City, Du Yun is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, performance artist, activist and curator of new music. She works at the crossroads of orchestral music, opera, chamber music, theater, cabaret, musical theater, oral tradition, public performances, sound installation, electronics, visual arts and noise. She won the Pulitzer Prize for Music for her 2016 opera Angel’s Bone (which LA Opera had planned to perform in the spring of 2020). In 2022, LA Opera will premiere on the west coast of its monodrama In Our Daughter’s Eyes, with baritone Nathan Gunn.

Zolle is Du Yun’s 2005 chamber opera, composed for a narrator, a singer and a small instrumental ensemble. In the play, a dead woman wanders in the dark space between memory and reality, unable to choose between the world of the living and that of the dead. Ultimately, she lets go of both, turning into part of the earth. (The word “zolle” is Italian for “a large piece of land.”)

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Part of the company’s On Now online programming platform, Digital Shorts are newly commissioned films that bring together gifted composers, performers, and visual artists. The digital shorts are offered free of charge to all viewers.

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