Luca Stricagnoli: “I want to leave a mark for the new wave of guitarists. Maybe one day a guitarist will say: ‘I play this weird way because of Luca Stricagnoli'”


In the crowded world of guitarists on the Internet, standing out has become more and more difficult. But for 29-year-old Luca Stricagnoli, standing out means being true to himself.

The Italian acoustic fingerstyle virtuoso began playing guitar at the age of 10 and studied classical guitar until the age of 16, before abandoning it entirely to devote himself to judo. When friends at the gym found out he played guitar, they introduced him to modern fingerstyle players on YouTube, with Andy McKee, an artist on CandyRat Records, forever changing the paradigm.

“[Andy] was hitting the guitar, slapping it, doing tapping and weird things, and I was blown away, ”says Stricagnoli. “I finally took a guitar in my hands and started in the fingerstyle business.”

In the following years, Stricagnoli absorbed everything acoustic on the internet, pushing him to find new ways of expressing himself. He sent CandyRat a video of himself playing the theme of The Last of the Mohicans on three guitars with a violin bow – and they posted it on their YouTube page.

“It started to reach almost a million views,” Stricagnoli said. “I had only posted two videos before and was used to around 6,000 views. It was the start of everything. ”

To date, the video has been viewed over 13 million times. His innovative one-man-band style covers of everything from AC / DC Stunned at Gorillaz Clint eastwood played on triple neck acoustics, presents another facet of his genius as the inventor of the guitar.

In collaboration with the Italian luthier Davide Serracini, creator of a triple neck acoustics integrating a standard, soprano and bass neck, Stricagnoli has designed an original tool to deepen his soundscapes on acoustics.

Called “Reverse Slide Neck”, this is a fretless inverted neck with an attached slide that moves along two string binaries. It has three high strings for playing melodies with the slide or fingers and four low strings for playing bass lines.

The neck can be attached to the guitar magnetically, giving Stricagnoli the ability to simultaneously play four different voices – melody, bass, slide, and percussion – as seen in his Beatles YouTube cover. While my guitar is crying softly.

Stricagnoli and Serracini are developing a consumer version that they hope will be available this year.

“My dream when I first started out in fingerstyle guitar was to make my own contribution to the way the guitar is played,” says Stricagnoli. “I want to leave a mark for the new wave of guitarists, and maybe one day – 20 or 30 years later – a guitarist will say, ‘I’m playing this weird way because of Luca Stricagnoli.’ It would be a lifelong goal.

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