Marina Rebeka, Joyce DiDonato, Carlos Álvarez, Pretty Yende, Lisette Oropesa to headline the 2021-22 season at the Palau de les Arts



The Palau de les Arts in Valencia, Spain has announced its 2021-22 season.

For the purposes of this article, we’ll be highlighting vocal and lyrical performances.

The season opens with Verdi’s “Requiem. “James Gaffigan directs a production by Romeo Castellucci with Elena Tsallgova, Sara Mingardo, Sebastian Kohlhepp, Nahuel Di Piero and the Escolania Mare by Déu dels Desemparats.

Performance dates: Sep 30-Oct 10 2021

William Christie will conduct a performance of “Partenope»With Ana Vieira Leite, Helen Charlton, Hugh Cutting, Alberto Miguélez Rouco, Jacob Lawrence and Mathieu Walendzik. Sophie Daneman is directing.

Date of performance: 24 October 2021

Dona francisquitaWill feature Ruth Iniesta, Ismael Jordi, Ana Ibarra, Albert Casals and María José Suárez. Jordi Benàcer directs a production by Lluis Pasqual.

Performance dates: November 3-10, 2022

“by Manuel García”An Avvertimento al GelosiWill be directed by Barbara Lluch and directed by Rubén Fernández Aguirre. The showcase will feature artists from the Perfeccionament Center.

Performance dates: 12 Nov-Dec 17, 2021

Madame Papillon”Will be directed by Antonio Fogliani and directed by Emilio López. Marina Rebeka and María Teresa Leva star with Cristina Faus, Piero Pretti and Ángel Órdena completing the cast.

Performance dates: 10-22 Dec. 2021

Marc Minkowski directs a production of “The Tales of HoffmannAs directed by Johannes Erath. Pretty Yende, John Osborn, Alex Esposito, Moisés Marín and Tomislav Lavoie headline the cast.

Performance dates: January 20-31, 2022

AriodanteWill be directed by Richard Jones and directed by Andrea Marcon. Luca Tittoto, David Hansen, Jane Archibald, David Portillo, Christophe Dumeaux and Sandrine Piau headlining.

Performance dates: March 1-6, 2022

Headliners of the Center de Perfeccionament “Problem in Tahiti.Jordi Francés directs a production by Ted Huffmann.

Performance dates: March 3-13, 2022

Carlos Álvarez, Anna Pirozzi, Marco Mimica and Giovanni Sala in title “Macbeth. “Michele Mariotti is directing a production directed by Benedict Andrews.

Performance dates: March 31-April 10, 2022

Peter Mattei, Christopher Ventris and Eva-Maria Westbroek headline “Wozzeck. “James Gaffigan is directing an Andreas Kriegenburg production.

Performance dates: May 26-June 5, 2022


Joyce DiDonato will give the first recital of the season. Program to be confirmed.

Performance dates: October 30, 2021

Matthias Goerne will give a recital. Program to be confirmed.

Performance dates: January 29, 2022

Benjamin Bernheim will present a recital. Program to be confirmed.

Performance dates: February 20, 2022

Lisette Oropesa will also perform in recital. Program to be confirmed.

Performance dates: March 5, 2022

Marianne Crebassa will give a recital. Program to be confirmed.

Performance dates: April 2, 2022

Jakub Jósef Orlinski will give the last recital of the season. Program to be confirmed.

Performance dates: May 15, 2022


Erwin Schrott and Leo Nucci will team up for a concert alongside the Orquestra de la Comunitat Valenciana.

Performance dates: November 11, 2021

The Harmonia del Parnàs will offer a concert with the sopranos Roberta Invernizzi and Olalla Alemán.

Performance dates: November 24, 2021

Soprano Raquel Andueza will perform alongside La Galania.

Performance dates: Dec 3 2021

There will also be several symphony and dance performances throughout the season.


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