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Musicians, performers and workers in the arts industry across the country are once again watching the work disappear due to the current COVID lockdown in NSW, which has nationwide ramifications.

The new production of Opera Australia Attila had just opened at the Sydney Opera House in March 2020 when the coronavirus hit and the production was forced to close after just two performances. The production was due to celebrate a return of the season to Sydney this week, but the pandemic has again closed venues. Perhaps the performance scheduled for July 10 will take place. Who knows? And OA is far from the only one, with many performances due to be canceled or postponed.

In a glimmer of light for Sydney, the Melbourne Digital Concert Hall (MDCH) will present and broadcast two live concerts this weekend, which the public can watch online.

Emily Granger and Andrew Blanch. Photo courtesy of Melbourne Digital Concert Hall

MDCH’s Standing with Sydney series will consist of live gala concerts July 2, 3 and 7 at The Concourse, Chatswood. The series will support more than 30 artists and industry workers, including technicians, sound engineers and piano tuners, who have once again lost their concerts. All proceeds from ticket sales will go directly to the artists and workers involved.

“These concerts will not only allow artists and workers in the industry to continue earning an income, but will also give a sense of community and normalcy to the digital assisting audience,” said Chris Howlett, co-director of MDCH.

The Friday July 2 concert will feature artists from Sydney including pianist Gerard Willems, conductor Roland Peelman, soprano Maija Kovalevska, The Marais Project and countertenor Russell Harcourt.

On Saturday July 3, harpist Emily Granger and classical guitarist Andrew Blanch will perform a series of magnificent duets including the premiere of a new work by Elena Kats-Chernin, while pianist Simon Tedeschi and multi-instrumentalist George Washingmachine will perform of Gershwin’s music in the second act.

The July 7 program will be announced on July 1, with details available on the MDCH website.

“It’s times like these – where we have to stay home – where art, music and beauty are more important than ever to uplift us and give us the strength and motivation to keep going.” . Both for the public and for us artists! Said Gerard Williams.

MDCH was founded in March 2020, when COVID first struck and began to decimate the arts industry. Since he started broadcasting live concerts on March 27, 2020, he has raised $ 1.45 million for the artists – an extraordinary achievement recognized this week at the 2021 Green Room Awards with a recognition award.

“This week’s COVID situation in Australia is a reminder of how important digital broadcasts continue to be, connecting artists and audiences across Australia,” Howlett said.

“On behalf of all the artists, MDCH would like to warmly thank all of its sponsors and partners and in particular The Concourse Theater and Kawai Australia for making this weekend come together so quickly. “

Melbourne Digital Concert Hall presents the Standing with Sydney series at The Concourse, Chatswood on July 2, 3 and 7 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets cost $ 34 for a single concert or $ 60 for two concerts. The public will have 72 hour access.

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