Mexico nominated for Opera Prima award at Cuban film festival

The debut work by director Jorge Cuchí, who is also a screenwriter, centers on a dark, adrenaline-filled legend that reflects adolescence, death, hope and love.

The tale follows the story of two young people: Félix (José Antonio Toledano) and Elisa (Karla Coronado), who meet and fall in love while playing the game of the blue whale: a series of challenges that lead to suicide.

Cuchí commented that this is an alert for adults to be aware of teenagers as they tend to get involved in challenges, games and challenges with their friends and it might end in an unfortunate event.

According to actress Coronado, it was a privilege to work in this project because “it is a very important and controversial subject, because it opens a very uncomfortable but necessary dialogue”.

The film, which hits theaters at Havana’s Acapulco Cinema at 10:00 a.m. local time, won the award for Best Mexican Feature Film and Best Actress and Actor at the Morelia International Film Festival.

Also competing in the Opera Prima category is Fernanda Valadez’s film Sin señas particulares, which addresses the issue of migration from the perspective of a mother looking for her missing son as she attempted to cross the border with United States.

A total of 18 productions from Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico and Uruguay are competing in this section of the Cuban film event, which will run until 12 December with the screening of more than 160 films from twenty countries.

According to its president, Iván Giroud, the event does not lose sight of the impact of the pandemic and is betting on the return of the rooms in compliance with the health protocols in force in the country.

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