Mid Wales Opera on Tour ‘El Gato Con Botas’ from Montsalvatge

Mid Wales Opera is set to present a chamber arrangement of Montsalvatge’s ‘El Gato Con Botas’ as part of its autumn tour.

The opera, which will be sung in English and renamed ‘Puss in Boots’, will open on October 14 at Gregynog Hall in Tregynon, Newtown. This will be followed by a total of 13 performances until November 12, 2022, at 13 different venues.

The cat role will be Martha Jones with Huw Ynyr playing Miller. As King, audiences will see Philip Smith. Alys Mererid Roberts will play the Princess, and Trevor Bowes will be the Ogre.

The musical arrangement was made by Jonathan Lyness who will also be on the piano. The translation was made by Richard Studer.

“The score is also filled with a high degree of sophistication and unusual notation. The harmonies aren’t always obvious and sometimes it’s not even clear where the melody is in the harmony. Working on the score was both intriguing and nerve-wracking, but deciding on my instrumentation was pretty straightforward,” Lyness said in an official statement. “To my usual instrumentation of violin, bassoon and keyboard MWO SmallStages, I added trumpet and percussion, the glockenspiel having a particularly busy period. I completed a draft score earlier this year and will no doubt continue to adapt and modify it while touring the show, along with the new English translation of the libretto by Richard Studer. The big question now is: how to stage a scene for a lion, a parrot and a mouse…”

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