Music teacher breaks record by passing nine exams on nine instruments in one day



June 29, 2021, 11:27 | Updated: Jun 30, 2021, 9:01 AM

Estelle Jackson takes nine exams on nine instruments in one day.

Photo: Queen’s College

Huge props to this heroic music teacher for taking nine musical instrument exams in four hours and passing all of them.

A music teacher broke records by passing nine musical instrument exams in one day.

After weeks of cramming, Estelle Jackson took exams in guitar, trombone, cello, xylophone, vocals, bassoon, piano and soprano saxophone – all within four hours.

Incredibly, Jackson deliberately went for instruments she wasn’t already good at playing.

The visiting music professor at Queen’s College in Taunton, Somerset, has learned that her valiant efforts have never been made before.

“Colleagues and people I don’t even know have said ‘This is crazy, this is absolutely incredible’. But to me, it seems normal to me because I have been working on it for ages,” he said. she declared. ITV.

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Estelle Jackson broke records with her nine exams on nine instruments

Estelle Jackson broke records with her nine exams on nine instruments.

Photo: Queen’s College

On June 28, Jackson found out that she had passed all nine exams, which included Initial Level Trumpet, Level 1 Classical Guitar, Level 2 Trombone, Level 3 Cello, Level 4 xylophone, Vocals level 5, level 6 bassoon, level 7 piano and level 8 Soprano saxophone.

In the process, she raised £ 2,100 for Stand Against Violence and The Sidney Lawton Music Trust, giving students the opportunity to practice and develop their musical abilities with the latter.

“It was awesome,” she added. “The amount people donated blew me away … it’s the most I have ever managed to raise, although obviously I couldn’t have done it alone because my colleagues were so supportive of me. . “

The 25-year-old music teacher said taking exam after exam after exam was tricky as it left no time for disappointments to set in.

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Jackson learns his musical feat has never been done before

Jackson learns that his musical feat has never been done before.

Photo: Queen’s College

She explains: “I had a very difficult time on the bassoon exam – I was a little disappointed, then I didn’t play the piano as well as I could have. I said to the examiner, ‘I have the wrong scale that I shouldn’t have had and that’s because I’m upset.’

“I walked out of the piano thinking, ‘I hope this is enough,’ then I thought, ‘I’m really mad and I’m going to go out there and show her what I can really do.

“And I think I did it, with my saxophone exam, which went well.”

In the end, Jackson received five accolades, three merits and one assist. Well done.


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