Number of cinemas, audiences down in Turkey


The number of movie theaters decreased by 11.1%, while the number of cinema audiences decreased by 27.9% in 2021 compared to 2020, the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) said.

According to the country’s official data institute, the number of cinema halls fell from some 2,698 to some 2,398 in one year across Turkey.


“During this period, the number of seats in cinemas decreased by 10.3% and was around 285,130,” TÜİK said on June 14 in a “Cinema and Performing Arts Statistics” report.

The number of film viewers was around 12.4 million in 2021, of which 9.2 million watched foreign productions.

The number of those who watch Turkish films has fallen sharply, from 13.3 million to 3.3 million in one year.

The data showed how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted Turkey’s film sector.

“The number of films released in 2021 increased by 2% compared to 2020 and was around 26,483,” the institute said. “During the same period, the number of domestic films broadcast decreased by 9.1% and was 9,981, while the number of foreign films broadcast increased by 10.1% and was 16,502.”

The sharp decline can also be seen in the number of theaters and audiences.


“During the 2020/21 season, the number of theaters decreased by 44.4% compared to the previous season and the number of seats decreased by 41.8%,” he said.

“In the same season, the number of theaters was 400 and the number of seats was 156,009. In the 2020/21 season, the number of theater attendees decreased by 84.1% and was 714,864,” he added.

The data showed that the number of shows presented in theaters also fell by 73.3% and stood at 1,665 in 2021.

“The number of originals [national] broadcasts decreased by 74.4% and the number of translations [foreign] emissions decreased by 66.6%. »

Both the number of adult and children’s shows shown in theaters decreased in 2021, adults by 73.5% and children by 86.1%.

In Turkey, opera and ballet performances affiliated with the General Directorate of Opera and Ballet were presented in six provinces during the 2020-21 season.

There were six orchestras, 13 choirs and nine groups affiliated with the General Directorate of Fine Arts in 2021.

Opera and ballet attendance was 14,032 in 2021, down 94.5% from the previous season.


The number of spectators in the orchestra, choir and groups was approximately 72,277, with a decrease of 54.8%.

“Orchestra audience numbers were down 86.1% to around 13,907 from last season, while choir audience numbers were down 12.7% to around 22,792 and the number group audiences increased by 5.8% to approximately 35,578,” he said.

“The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic process experienced in 2020-2021 was seen in the statistics of cinema and the performing arts,” the institute summarized.

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