Peter Dinklage sings on The Late Show, like he needs to be cooler

Peter Dinklage

Peter Dinklage
Screenshot: The late show

“The greatest singers are not necessarily opera singers, they just have a soul” Peter Dinklage Stephen Colbert said. And then he sang. Citing singular composers like Bob Dylan and Nina Simone as such “soul singers”, the former Game Of Thrones the star was quick to deny that he had a soul to himself, but, performing the undoubtedly breathtaking love song “Your Name” of the next Cyrano, Dinklage certainly gave an impressive and intense voice to his character’s unrequited love.

The film (set to premiere in January) sees Dinklage take on the legendary role of Cyrano de Bergerac, a physically ridiculed swordsman and soldier with a poet’s heart. Adapted from the written play by his wife, screenwriter and director Erica Schmidt, the film version of Joe Wright Cyrano presents Dinklage as a different “other” from Bergerac, courting the beautiful Roxanne (Swallow‘s Haley Bennett) on behalf of her mute but beefy pal Christian (Kelvin Harrison Jr. of The Chicago 7 trial).

Talking about musical theater with the occasional Broadway crooner Colbert, Dinklage agreed that the fear of an unprofessional singer is very real (“If you’re flat, you’re flat,” he regretted), but that he’s lucky to be married to the screenwriter- director. “Why do you think I married her?” Dinklage noted knowingly in response to Colbert asking if scribe Schmidt is, in fact, Dinklage’s Cyrano. Explaining that he was in good hands with Schmidt and The NationalWith the Dessner brothers (Aaron and Bryce) taking charge of turning Edmond Rostand’s poetry into singing verse, Dinklage told Colbert that as actors, “We look a lot smarter because of our writers.”

Taking the stage alongside the Dessners and some proper lush strings, Dinklage blew up Cyrano’s lonely lament to his beloved Roxanne into a confident and unmistakable baritone. And if we are to take Dinklage’s word of not being imbued with the soul of a natural singer, his performance, reminiscent of the likes of Stephen Merritt of The Magnetic Fields or Matt Berninger of The National, nevertheless gave credit to the idea that he can certainly play the role. (Dinklage denied being a professional to Colbert, but there are compelling arguments evidence the low that the actor has already led a collegee punk band called Whizzy.) His performance should certainly be enough for the legions of Peter Dinklage fans already swooning over the actor’s love. Cyrano singing with all his heart.

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