QLO’s new cash advance loan makes it easy for employees to meet

FAST Loans Online (QLO) continues to expand ways to provide employees of partner companies with accessible and convenient loan offers by launching QLO Cash Advance.

QLO Cash Advance is its latest payday loan product. It grants employees a loan of a fraction of their monthly salary at a 0% interest rate and repayable in the short term. Quick Loans Online or QLO, is a loan facility under MRACC Credit Corp.

This new venture, launched by MFT Group of Companies, provided employees with quick and hassle-free access to payday loans through immediate access to cash to meet urgent financial needs. The QLO cash advance amount ranges from Php 3,000 to P8,000. This product is 0% interest and has only one-time processing fees, for as little as Php 500, which will be deducted from the proceeds to be received by the borrower. This loan is conveniently settled by payday deduction.

This latest loan offer allows employees to meet urgent needs. With registration in the system, employees of QLO partner companies can apply for the QLO Cash Advance through QLO online or through the mobile app. The accessibility of QLO is a strong point of the product. It eliminates the need for cumbersome paperwork and inconvenience such as lost files.

This type of system also allows businesses and their employees to easily track their finances and loans. Like the QLO payday loan, employees can access the QLO cash advance even if they have an adverse credit history with another financial institution. QLO bases its decision on the good reputation of the employees in the company and does not depend on factors that are not work-related.

Mary Ruth A. Oquendo, Vice President of MRACC, says, “We continue to offer different loan offerings to provide our customers with the flexibility and peace of mind that in an emergency there is a quick and easy way. easy to get credit without the hassle of too much paperwork.

“QLO Cash Advance is our special effort to make small loans available to employees who need them. Loans of small amounts shouldn’t have to go through cumbersome processes, so we’re very pleased with this new offering.” adds Oquendo.

Oquendo said, “This payday loan offer can be a great benefit to all skilled and hardworking employees in your business. Even employees with unsettled obligations outside the company can be considered qualified by companies since the prerequisite is not performance or job related.

QLO continues to work with existing partner companies and also continues to expand its roster of partners looking to give their employees increased financial flexibility. For companies as well as employees wishing to refer to their respective companies, write an e-mail to [email protected] for more details and information on how QLO can meet your business needs.

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