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GH Parent’s Sanctuary (Scott) and Genie Francois (Laura) fondly recalls their time in real life in the 1970s, and Shriner says he scored big as a boyfriend thanks to his fondness for good food. “At the time, she was living in the Valley, and I was a big fan of dining out,” the actor recalls. “I was like, ‘Genie, come on, I’m going to take you out to dinner tonight!’ And when she thinks back to that time, she says, “Well, we had a great time, and I ate at the best restaurants in Sherman Oaks!” I didn’t really think about it at the time, except that’s what I always do — I love eating out and I had money coming in. But I don’t think Genie was used to eating out in her youth. the kinds of restaurants I took her to were, you know, fancy places! So she has very fond memories of being invited to dinner at these fun restaurants and having tasted escargot or vichyssoise for the first time – all of which she had probably never eaten before from her life ! Not only have they remained friends, but Shriner still looks forward to working with her. “Whenever I get scenes with Genie, I’m always very happy, even though the dynamic between our characters is very different now.”

Jackee Harry (Paulina) believes she hit the jackpot when it comes to her DAYS OF OUR LIVES girls. To know, Raven Bowens (Chanel) and Sal Stowers (formerly Lani). “I love them. They are great young women,” says Harry. [come to me], because I’ve been there. Navigation gets confusing at times. [You wonder] how come you don’t receive some parts? Why don’t people see some light in you? And [I’ve told them] how to avoid troublemakers. It’s two words – trouble and creators. Harry has great admiration for Bowens. “She is gorgeous and very ready to do the job,” she notes. “She’s a great actress, and she’s good about herself, loving, and warm. She’s taken right to [the role]. There was no discomfort. Our connection was instantaneous. The couple often spend time behind the scenes bonding. “Oh yeah. We talk about people,” Harry delivers with a laugh. “We chat. We talk about boyfriends, and in her case, she’s doing better than me. business. I give him advice on business. You have to find people who love you for you. Harry still keeps in touch with Stowers, who left the soap opera earlier this year. “She’s a business guru. exercise. She’s happy. She lies,” Harry notes. “I hate her because she doesn’t have cellulite. I said to him, ‘I don’t think that’s right. It is not fair.’ He is also a free spirit. She [follows] its own star. She has a very independent thought, which is really refreshing.

On B&B, unlucky lover Carter finally found happiness with Quinn just before Rena Sofer (Quinn) left the soap – and Laurent Saint Victor (Carter) has fond memories of her and their memorable couple. “Man, working with Rena, I was so excited because I had no idea what the match with Carter and Quinn would be like,” the actor smiled. “We both had no idea, and the fans had no idea either. Nobody would have ever predicted it, including us. That’s the spirit of Brad Bell [executive producer/head writer], so I super excited and a little nervous. Rena and I called each other the weekend before we started our script to talk about it, and we have a very similar work ethic. We really like getting into the story and spending as much time as possible creating a safe environment to work, play, and find things. This has always been the goal and working with Rena has been a joy. I love him as a person. I love that we have become great friends. For so long we couldn’t spend time together and then it happened. I learned so much from her. After a long day of work, we would always stay after our scenes and do lines for the next day or even the next few days. We kept digging, and it was so much fun. I will miss all of this.

Although she’s never handled so much dialogue in previous acting projects, Zuleyka Silver (Audra, Y&R) found memorizing copious amounts of lines for her latest soap work to be not that difficult. “Well, at first I knew there would be a lot to memorize, which made me quite nervous, but I think going to college helped me in that department,” he explains. -she. “I had to memorize so many essays for when my final came. To study, I would write an entire essay, memorize it, and then write it again on my final. When Silver received his first script, “I would look at them and be like, ‘Wow, that’s a walk in the park,'” she admits. work, because it is. I’m just glad that applying those memorization skills came in handy. And everyone here was so helpful and patient, which definitely boosted the confidence on set.

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