Sterling OneBank App: Great Features with a Few Drawbacks

The digital revolution is changing every human endeavor. For the banking industry, it’s either go digital or die, so it’s no surprise that all Nigerian banks today have their mobile apps to drive digital banking.

Thanks to these applications, many bank customers no longer need to go to a bank counter to carry out financial transactions. Directly from the applications, bank customers can make transfers and pay bills of any kind and also file complaints. Some of these apps come with enhanced features that allow users to apply for ATM cards and checkbooks.

However, the customer experience on these apps is anything but perfect. While apps meet customer expectations in some areas, they falter in many other areas. This week, Nairametrics takes a look at Sterling Banks’ OneBank app, its features and the customer experience so far.

OneBank app

Sterling Bank describes its OneBank as a 100% digital banking app that offers customers the ability to sign up and bank instantly; make payments, invest, get advice, borrow money and lifestyle services.


  • Account creation: It allows customers to create a wallet account instantly with their mobile number.
  • Self-registration: Registration can be done on the application without going through the bank.
  • Authentication options: The app’s biometrics feature allows users to log in with their fingerprints, saving them from having to store numerous passwords.
  • Virtual card: Customers can instantly create their virtual card for online shopping and decide on card usage and expiration.
  • Show in 5: This feature provides access to fast loans up to 5 million naira in 5 minutes.
  • Send and receive money: Customers can transfer funds from their wallet or account to any bank of their choice in Nigeria within seconds.
  • A transfer : This feature allows customers to receive money instantly from OneBank users once they scan their OneBank QR using their OneBank app.
  • Payment of invoices: It allows the payment of plane tickets, cable and Internet subscriptions, electricity bills, to perform QR codes for merchant payments.
  • Purchasing airtime: Airtime for all networks can be purchased through the app
  • Withdrawal without card: Customers can withdraw cash even without their debit/credit card at ATM using the app.
  • Recurring payment: It allows the client to initiate standing order payments, which are processed at defined intervals.
  • ATM/dealer locator: The locator on the app can be used to detect the nearest ATM or PoS merchant


The OneBank app, despite its range of features, falls short of its expectations in some areas. According to user reviews, the flaws of this app include:

  • Customers cannot view receipts after transactions on the app
  • No transaction history
  • Cumbersome registration process
  • Too many features make it hard to navigate the app

At the end of the line

Overall, the OneBank app does its job in allowing customers to perform financial services without going to the bank lobby. While there is no 100% perfect solution when it comes to technology, Sterling Bank will do well to address the concerns raised by its customers through their reviews. An update to this app should fix some of the glitches and flaws of the app.

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