TANNHAUSER Choreographer and director discuss the LA opera production



The LA Opera released a new video, Welcome to Venusberg, where they chatted with choreographer Tannhäuser Azur barton and director Louisa Muller on the unique use of ballet in production and their brilliant collaboration bringing this salacious world to life.

Watch the video below!

After escaping an erotic trap with the goddess Venus, Tannhäuser returns to the real world to pursue the righteous love of a mortal woman. But in a momentary error of judgment, he shocks the city with a passionate assertion of carnal delight … which certainly doesn’t help him woo the innocent young woman he’s in love with.

Issachah Savage, an incredible holdentenor – German for “heroic tenor” (meaning: he will bring you down) – plays the role of Tannhäuser, bringing his rare and magnificent voice to one of the most difficult roles in opera .

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Important COVID-19 public policy update: LA Opera has adopted a temporary vaccination-only policy in addition to requiring masks. These guidelines will be in effect as of September 1, 2021 and will end as soon as they are no longer deemed necessary. Please Click here review all protocols.

Performances will take place from October 16 to November 6. Learn more about https://www.laopera.org/performances/2122-season-page/tannhauser-3/?gclid=CjwKCAjwwsmLBhACEiwANq-tXKa8SxwOlApbtL9ID7L7jW_Fv1FfN_Mk8UeXDFck_D;FBkjAvamp.


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