The Heidelberg International Song Center announces “Lied Me! “


The Heidelberg International Song Center, founded by the Heidelberg Frühling Music Festival, with its academics from the Lied Academy, has not been deterred by the limitations imposed by the mandatory cultural shutdown due to the pandemic and has invested its resources and his efforts in a new project called “Lied to Me.”

The new project explored the future of song through new narrative methods in the digital space. In summary, 11 young Lied Academy scholars have been commissioned by the International Song Center to research new ways of thinking about the aesthetic experience of song and how people become addicted to songs. They studied and analyzed this question for several months, until they found the answer.

The result is the production of nine short films, which are now freely accessible on several digital platforms, including

The nine short films deal with issues of social relevance and topicality in everyday life. Here is an overview of the participants:


THERESA PILSL Soprano (Germany)

FANNY SOYER Soprano (France)

JERICA STEKLASA Soprano (Slowenian)

EMA NIKOLOVSKA Mezzo (Canada / Macedonia)

IRENA WEBER Mezzo (Serbia)

LARS CONRAD Baritone (Germany)

JEEYOUNG LIM Baritone Bass (South Korea)


KUNAL LAHIRY Piano (United States)


“Lied to me!” is an extremely important project for us – not just because Corona gave it a completely different meaning: our effort at the Heidelberg International Song Center is to give young singers and pianists the freedom to focus on what they are doing. We don’t tell them what they should and shouldn’t do. Rather, we want to enable them to exploit their creative potential – always accompanied by experts. We want to make audible a young generation of artists and their world of ideas. They are the future of song and their generation our future audience, ”Song Center founder and director of Heidelberger Frühling Thorsten Schmidt said in a statement.

The fellows were mentored by Holger Noltze, professor of music at the Technical University of Dortmund, as well as Andrea Thilo, Thomas Grube and Uwe Dierks.

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