The superb tribute to Peter Jennings by the Canadian Orchestra touched the fans

Fans of the late Canadian-born journalist Peter Jennings were touched by a recent tribute to him from the National Arts Center Orchestra.

The NAC recently performed at Carnegie Hall in New York and gave one of its first performances of a brand new symphony created by renowned composer Philip Glass.

The occasion was to commemorate the late Canadian-born broadcaster Peter Jennings and pay tribute to Ukraine at this difficult time.

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Canadian orchestra pays tribute to Peter Jennings

A part of the program called The truth in our time involved a play commissioned by the NAC and supported by the journalist’s family.

Peter’s sister, Sarah Jennings, who was also part of the creation of the segment, recently appeared on ABC News talk about the touching spectacle.

She said her older brother, who died in 2005, would have been delighted with the tribute.

Fans will also be able to view the tribute live at the NAC on April 13 and 14.

“He would be so tickled that this is the memorial we have chosen to make in his memory. It’s a bit more offbeat than a concrete slab in a cemetery,” Sarah previously said.

Sarah also previously revealed that her older brother is a huge music fan and his eclectic tastes range from classical to jazz.

The Ottawa Citizen reveals that the idea for a stunning tribute to Peter like this came about when his children visited their aunt, Sarah, in Ottawa.

Originally, the family wanted to create a multimedia piece similar to the NAC’s Life Reflected production with digital images, text and theatrical elements, among others.

But, when it all turned out to be too much, they settled for a touching orchestral performance. It must be said that it was truly breathtaking!

Fans react to the performance

Fans were deeply touched by the magnificent orchestral tribute to the late Peter Jennings.

Here’s what some of them had to say on social media…

“Love the serendipity of this!! Congratulations – it was such a great gig and a tribute to Peter Jennings,” one user tweeted.

A look at Peter’s illustrious career

As a journalist, Peter was known for his direct and truthful delivery of news.

As his sister, Sarah, accurately describes him: “He had this cool detachment that comes from training on the BBC and the CBC – you didn’t dramatize the news. You said it very calmly and clearly. He took the news very seriously. He didn’t do tabloid journalism.

The TV star, who began her career as a foreign correspondent, is best known for being the sole presenter of ABC World News Tonight from 1983 and remained in the post until his death in 2005.

Peter had a passion for journalism since childhood. He began hosting a Canadian radio show at age nine and became a foreign correspondent in 1968, working in the Middle East.

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