Three men arrested for extorting money from people under the pretext of giving short-term loans

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New Delhi: In a major crackdown, three people were apprehended by police for allegedly collaborating with a group operating outside China to extort money from victims under the guise of offering quick loans.

Police identified the defendants as Ravi Kumar Pankaj (28), Javed Raza Ansari (30) and Vikas Yadav (19).

DCP (external) Sameer Sharma said a woman filed a complaint on June 22, claiming she had downloaded an app to apply for a short-term loan. She paid the debt on time, but debt collectors continued to call, abuse and threaten her, DCP added.

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According to Sharma, bank accounts with transactions linked to the suspicious numbers were scrutinized throughout the investigation, The Indian Express reported.

DCP Sameer Sharma said: “The crooks obtained the documents from a company, which they then used to register an online settlement account on a payment gateway and aggregator. It was connected to Pankaj’s bank account, on which the complainant had credited money.When all the accounts in the transactions account were examined, it was discovered that a transaction of Rs 19.43 crore was made in a single day and then sent to other entities.”

Sharma also said that using a team under SHO Sandeep Panwar, Pankaj was captured in Rajasthan on July 4th. He said he sold his five bank accounts to a man, who then sold them to Ansari, for Rs 15,000 each, DCP added. On Monday, Ansari was apprehended, The Indian Express reported.

Yadav, who claimed to have sold bank accounts to Ansari 7, was also in contact with the latter.

DCP Sameer Sharma said many short-term loan apps run by Chinese companies have been identified to provide funds quickly for 7 days. Before that, they had access to people’s private information. Sharma added that call centers in other countries are threatening to release their data if the money is not paid.

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