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The Humboldt Times reported on December 2, 1921 that WH Parker, a teacher at Orleans Public School, had been appointed rural supervisor of county schools by County Superintendent Robert Bugbee.

According to the newspaper, the appointment was made pursuant to a recent statute from the state legislature, which authorized Bugbee to appoint two supervisors for the county’s schools – one north and one south of Eureka. . The new supervisors (the post south of Eureka had not yet been filled) would visit every school in their territory at least twice a month, according to the Humboldt Times.

Much more news took place 100 years ago this week. Here’s a look at some of the stories:

The Humboldt Times of December 3, 1921 reported that a group of local bankers had funded the purchase of purebred bulls for use in local dairy herds. The initial payment was $ 25,000, with monthly payments to follow until September 1922.

Local dairy farmers then bought the bulls from banks.

“The demand for purebred bulls is said to be increasing among dairy producers in the county since the launch of the campaign for their use, and many sales are expected,” the newspaper said.

On December 4, 1921, the Humboldt Times ran an article indicating that bids were open for the construction of a 300 foot steel radio tower at the government radio station Table Bluff. The new tower would replace an old wooden structure that was in use. Two local companies, Mercer-Fraser Co. and Eureka Boiler Works, bid on the work, along with five companies from outside the region.

A Humboldt Times article from December 6, 1921 reported that Madame Schumann-Heink had arrived in Eureka that morning. Schumann-Heink – an acclaimed Austro-American opera contralto – would perform for a crowd of 1,200 local music lovers that evening at the State Theater in Eureka as part of a Sequoia Club of Music program.

“All state (theater) seats have been sold out long in advance,” the newspaper said, “and only those lucky enough to have secured seats before will be able to hear the grand contralto.”

The Humboldt Times of December 7, 1921 noted that travelers between Eureka and Trinidad “were talking in glowing terms these days” about resident road engineer JJ Stockard because of the quick repairs that were made on the road. just beyond Little River.

The newspaper reports: “The road would have been repaired, having received a good gravel cover. … Recently, it had become impassable due to the lack of gravel following the summer grading operations.

Construction of at least one, and possibly two, reinforced concrete storage buildings on Fourth Street in Eureka was scheduled to begin February 1, 2022, according to the Humboldt Times of December 8, 1921. Construction was scheduled to take place next to Union Stage Depot, owned by Ms. Eva Ricks.

The first new building was going to cost around $ 10,000 to build and “would be modern in every way,” the newspaper said. A second commercial building was tentatively scheduled to be erected on the site later in 2022.

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